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Hummingbird Fitness Centre

This week’s Vancouver Island Vision brings us to the grand opening of Hummingbird Fitness Centre. The facility is open to include not only women, but men as well. There are times in the morning that are open to women only, however, everyone is welcome during that afternoon/evening hours. Keely comes from a performance sports background and is NCCP and Aboriginal Sports certified. As a past NCAA athlete herself, Keely likes to provide positive reinforcement towards her client’s goals. This method of training takes roughly 30-40 minutes from your day to create a better you and a healthier lifestyle.

Due to the Covid19 impact, Hummingbird fitness is only allowing individuals in by appointment, and will only allow 8 people on the floor at a time (7 members and a staff member). These appointments are scheduled in what they call pods. The pods allow you to work with the same group of people to eliminate any exposure. After each pod, employees sanitize the entire facility including washrooms and change rooms.

If you are wanting more information on Hummingbird fitness, please visit:

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