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Owner Built Homes

We had some interesting stuff come up this week and thought we would touch on owner built homes. In order to build your own home, you need permission through BC housing. Once you get in touch with them, BC Housing will put you through an exam to test your knowledge on construction and the BC Housing Act rules. Upon passing the exam, BC Housing will then deem you qualified to build. 

Once you build a home, if you decide to sell within 10 years, you are personally responsible to provide warranty to that home.

Once you have occupancy, you are not granted permission to sell the home within the first year. Where there can be special circumstances, it is not likely. In the chance you are granted special circumstances, it will come at a cost. You will be obligated to purchase third party home warranty that can run you up to $20,000.

BC housing had great information on this at or we can help you out at 250-914-1122.

We have been incredibly busy this year with lots of great offers on our listings and have been adding a lot of great homes to the market. To check out our listings visit

Should you have any questions about the community or real estate please give us a call at 250-914-1122.

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