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Home Seller's Library - The Home Selling Process

On this episode of our Seller's Library, we will walk you through the selling process.

✔️ I will visit your home for the initial tour. This allows me to provide you with tips to improve your homes show-ability to prospective buyers.

✔️ Next, the photographer/videographer will come to capture your home, so we can begin to market to prospective buyers.

✔️ You will soon begin to receive showings on your home. You must leave your home during these showings. Be sure to keep your home tidy and remove any clutter.

✔️ Once you receive an offer, we will sit down and negotiate the best terms for you. This will include the best price, closing date and provide the least amount of conditions.

✔️ Once you have an accepted offer, the buyer will have roughly 2 weeks to get an inspection and get their financing in place.

✔️ As soon as subjects are removed, the buyer is legally bound to purchase your home. Documents will be handled by each parties legal council.

✔️ Finally, the deal will be sent to registry upon funds being transferred, and the next time we see each other, we will be handing off your keys to the new buyer!

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