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Happy Halloween Tips from the Dogwood Veterinary Hospital

Teri-Jean heads to the Dogwood Veterinary Hospital to talk with Dr. Krista Huxham on how to mitigate our pets anxiety this Halloween! Some pets do not love all the kids out trick or treating this evening, or the great firework that come on this day like we do.

Fireworks and costumes can be scary to pets. If you have a pet not so in love with Halloween, here are a couple simple tricks to try and help:

  1. Keep pets indoors

  2. Keep pet in specific comfortable space ie. bedroom or crate

  3. Turn a TV/ Radio on for sound

  4. Give them a treat to distract them

  5. Make an appointment with your vet beforehand to a prescription of an anti-anxiety medication

Costumes can be frightening too, so maybe keep pets away from the doors so they don’t run off. And if they did, be sure to have tags or microchips on them to track them back down!

Don’t forget that chocolate and sugar free candy are also very dangerous for your pets!

Last, have a wonderful and safe Halloween everyone from the Marin Marketing Team!

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