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Willow Point Sportsplex

Recreation and fitness- you’ve come to the right place. At the Willow Point Sportsplex you’ll see kids playing in the skate park on their boards, scooters and bikes alike. If doing tricks on wheels doesn’t spike your interest, what about disc golf, bocce, or tennis, just some of the options available on the property. Or there’s always the classic go to, just simply hitting the fitness center to get in those 30 minutes a day of exercise.

While we still have the last bit of summer upon us, be sure to get wet by hitting the splash park here on the grounds!

The most important goal- stay healthy!

Generally not the top of mind for these venues, but the Sportsplex has multiple large activity rooms available for rent! Along with these rooms, there is also potential access to a full kitchen for your special events!

Visit the official website for the Willow Point Sportsplex here for more information:

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