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Stonehouse Teas- Choose your brew

Who doesn’t love a chilled iced tea of your favorite flavor, or combo flavors for that matter! Or a warm cup of steeping black tea with a scoop of sugar to sweeten it up. We know we love tea, as do many of you.

So that leads us to our next question, have you visited Stonehouse Teas located on 11th Ave in Campbell River yet? If yes, great! If not, be sure to pop in, for a great drink in house or to-go. Also, if your in the market for gift giving there are a ton of great options, for tea and coffee drinkers alike. Don’t forget that gift can be for yourself too!

And one last very important thing! Note that you have the opportunity to shop directly from your couch! On their website, you can browse all inventory on the website and have products shipped directly to your doorstep, we love technology, it means we can shop in our PJs.

Visit Stonehouse Tea’s official website to view the ENTIRE inventory

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