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Seller’s Library – Seller Fees


On this episode of our Seller’s Library, we talk about sellers fees and costs that may arise when selling your home.

Have a Professional Cleaner come in or junk removal company. We can also recommend some for you.

Commission. You only pay the commission once your house sells.

Notary. They will charge you for paper work you need signed, like land title searches, payouts, and all closing paperwork.

Mortgage Penalty. You may find that you have to pay out or pay out more than expected. So find out ahead of time.

Fixes. Many times the buyers will find something in the home or property that they want fixed as a term of purchase. You will need to plan ahead of time for this potentially happening. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for our latest Vancouver Island listings, virtual tours and real estate news, tips and information. Want to get ahold of us?

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