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Marin Marketing Team Celebrates Success

We’ve been working hard to make our clients Real Estate dreams come true, so we decided to have a little fun ourselves! The lovely Teri-Jean and her husband hosted the entire team for an evening of food, fun, silly hats, and some even sillier karaoke to celebrate our success and have some fun!

The Marin Marketing Team- Paige, Shannon, Diane, Teri-Jean, Sam, Caitlin and Hannah

The whole Marin Marketing family was invited to eat, drink and relax as we patted ourselves on the backs for the successful First Annual Team Marin Sharin’ the Love fundraising event for Tour de Rock Cops for Cancer! Raising a total of $4,597 which we were able to hand over to the Canadian Cancer Society to help defeat childhood cancer.

A back yard BBQ where spouses and family alike were all invited to our shindig. This way, we got to spend time with the individuals we always hear so much about during office hours.

What was the best part? Not the wine or scotch, but likely singing karaoke like a bunch of hooligans. Maybe the wine and scotch played a roll in the grand scheme of things. But we sure learned why we work in Real Estate and marketing, clearly not making it onto the radio. Other than Erick and Norm, who provided pleasantries to our ears.

Thank you everyone for being such an awesome team! Seven very different women working together to build an incredible team! Stepping back to appreciate how far the team has come, and in such a short time, and knowing we aren’t ready to slow down yet. We succeed by embracing change and the learning curves that come with that through support, understanding and accountability. Those are just a few aspects that make the Marin Marketing Team as special as it is.

And of course, a HUGE shout out to Teri and Norm for hosting us, feeding us, and letting us entertain ourselves in your beautiful home! ?

These smiles sum up the mood of the evening Brent, Erick, Hannah & Paige

The licensed DREAM TEAM – Teri & Shannon

Abraham Lincoln

Shannon and Brent

The hat isn’t on par with the occasion, but Brent always is!

Sam & Shan

Diane and husband Russ

Paige and brother Colin

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