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Home Sellers Library - What Is Included In The Sale Of Your House?

On this episode of our Seller's Library, we will walk what is included in the sale of your home.

✔️ Specify. If there is something in the home that is not included, be specific about it and make sure it is known about.

✔️ Anything attched to the home, sells with the home. Like light fixtures and ceiling fans.

✔️ Appliances. Generally speaking, the buyer will request all the appliances in the house, also be included in the condition of sale.

✔️ Hot Tubs. Most hot tubs will stay with the house and not removed upon sale unless otherwise specified.

✔️ Kitchen Island. Most islands are attatched to the home, however sometimes they are not and can be removed. Make sure this is something mentioned.

✔️Barstools. Quite often they are purchased or custom fit to the counter within the home, so the buyer may request them as a negotiated item.

✔️ Pet. It may not be common but sometimes the buyer may ask about your pet.

✔️ Furniture. It is quite common for homes to be sold fully furnished, so be sure to mention if this is something that will be included with the sale of your home.

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