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Home Sellers Library - Selling Your Rental Property

On this episode of our Seller's Library, we have a talk about selling your rental property.

✔️ Tenants stay with the home. You do not have to, or need to give notice to the tenants in your home to sell it.

✔️ Give Notice. If you do recieve an offer on your rental home, you will eed to give the tenants notice before someone comes to view or inspect the property.

✔️ Legal Obligation. If there is a tenant in the own at the time of purchase, the buyer is legally obligated to keep that tenant in the home.

✔️ Residental Tenancy Rules. The excpetion to the former is if the buyer wishes to move into the home after purchase. In this case you will be notified, and then required to give your tenants notice of move out. The buyer will then know there may be a delay in getting posession of their home.

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