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Home Sellers Library - Home Inspections

On this episode of our Seller's Library, we will walk about home inspections.

✔️ Licensed Inspectors. A licensed home inspector will come in at the expense of the buyer to inspect the home.

✔️Be prepared. Be ready for the inspection. If you have small things you can fix before hand (like a leaky tap or a loose piece of trim) make sure to get it done before inspection day.

✔️ Reports. The home inspectors go into great detail on their reports and will list every little thing. Small things can add up and deter a buyer.

✔️ Make sure you can access the attic. Te inspector is going to want to check your attic space, so make sure it is clear and easy to access.

✔️ Crawl Space. The same as the attic, the ine inspector will want to access this area.

✔️ The Roof. The roof will also be checked to see if it is in need of repairs.

✔️ Electrical. The home inspector will check all electrical wirng within the house.

✔️ Plumbing. All the plumbing within the house will also be checked for any needed repairs.

✔️Vacant Homes. If your home is vacant, the responsibiliy of the seller is to make sure all utilities are on and running so they can be checked.

✔️ Negotiation. Buyers may return to negotiated based off the results of the inspection.

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