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Home Buyer's Library - Monthly Mortgage Payment

On this episode of our Buyers Library, we talk about mothly mortgage payments.

✔️Once Per Month. This is the normal option that most people go with.

✔️ Twice Per Month. If you want to pay off your mortgage even faster, you can break it down into two payments per month.

✔️ Bi-Weekly. For an ven faster payment, you could opt to go with bi-weekly, which will occassionally come out to more than twice per month.

✔️ Taxes included. Some banks will structure your payments with or without the taxes included. This will be something you will want to look into.

✔️Mortgage Setup. Each bank will set up how your payments work. Some may pay your taxes etc for you, or you may need to set the money aside yourself.

✔️ Timeframe. You can get mortgages set to a bunch of different pay out times. From one year all the way up to extended mortgages.

✔️Intrest Rates and Credit. During this time, you will also want to make sure your credit rating is looking it's best. 📱 Call: 250-204-5796

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