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Home Buyer's Library - Finding The Home of Your Dreams!

On this episode of our Buyers Library, we talk about finding your dream home. ✔️Have a List of Must Haves. Make sure you have a list of things that you want or must have in your dream home. Like number of bedrooms or parking. ✔️ Things You Would Like To Have. Make sure to know the things you would like to have, but that aren't deal breakers. ✔️ Narrowing Down. Be sure to narrow down the search of what you are looking for so you aren't looking at every home on the market. ✔️ Reasons For Moving. We will need to look at your reasons for moving, because that might change things like time frame or needing to sell before moving. ✔️ Look At Your Timeframe. Do you need to move before school or your new job starts. ✔️ People. Who will be living in your home? What accomedations do you need for everyone? ✔️ Be On The Same Page. Couples aren't always on the same page with what they want. Make sure you and your significant other discuss what it is you're looking for ahead of time. 📱 Call: 250-204-5796

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