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Home Buyer Mistakes

There are a number of home buyer mistakes done prior to closing that hinder financing. Here are some tips to avoid sabotaging your financing as a new home buyer

  1. Lender will check credit again prior to obtaining financing, so make sure you don’t miss any other loan payments

  2. Do not consolidate debt as it will increase debt ratios

  3. Avoid changing jobs – lenders want to see steady employment

  4. Do not shift finances around

  5. Do not change your bank account as current bank has history

  6. Do not go buy a car or other things on credit until after closing

  7. Do not stretch truth on loan application

  8. Do not let anyone make inquiries on your credit

  9. Keep your down payment in a safe account so you do not touch it

  10. Do not co-sign for anyone else (will affect your debt ratios)

Remember, these things can be done after obtaining your mortgage so hold off until your financing is in place.

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