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History of Ripple Rock Explosion

This week for Vancouver Island Vision, Shannon would like to talk about the history of Ripple Rock explosion. On April 5, 1958, the explosion took place making the Seymour Narrows a safer place to travel. The decision was brought upon by many shipwrecks and many people drowning; It is said that at a minimum 110 people drown. The blast cleared an extra 14 meters of space during low tide for passage. The event is one of the largest non-nuclear explosions on record. For more information visit,

Ripple Rock trail in Campbell River is a beautiful trail with amazing views that are worth checking out. The trail itself is 8km and roughly 3 hours of walking with a moderate rating. The elevation gain on this trail is 1,184 feet providing great viewpoints and opening onto beach fronts. Be sure to make a trip when it is safe to do so to experience the beauty of Ripple Rock trail.

Shannon would like to ask everyone to join her new Facebook group called “You know you’re from Campbell River when”. This is a fun group connecting old friends and sharing treasured memories. Should you have any questions about our community or real estate please give us a call at 250-914-1122 and visit our listings at

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