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Frequently Asked Questions From Our Sellers

Shannon touches on frequently asked questions in the marketplace for our sellers. Below is the list of most common questions we get asked by our clients selling their home.

How is the market? Always best to check in with your realtor for information about the market as things are always changing.

How should I price my home? It is very important to price accordingly. We provide 3 price ranges; competitive, mid-range, and what we like to call “needle in the haystack”. We recommend you price competitively to attract buyers and multiple offers.

When should I sell my home? When you’re ready is always the best time. There are buyers in every market and your home looks just as great in the winter with decorations as it does in the summer with green grass and flowers.

How to get your home ready for sale? Good curb appeal will make your home approachable, make sure the inside of the home is fixed up and taken care of, and make sure the home is clean and organized.

List price vs. sale price? People often want to list high for room to negotiate. This tactic can defer clients where if you price accordingly you can attract buyers and offers.

Does assessed value matter? Simply put, no. Value is set by municipality for base number for property taxes.

How are you represented in the transaction? You are represented as the seller only. The buyer will have their own representation to ensure each party is represented fairly.

How to prepare for showings? Make sure home is clean and repairs are done. It always helps to have the fresh scent of baked goods. Turn all lights on and a touch of appropriate music doesn’t hurt.

What do I have to disclose? Everything. If you know there is a leaking tap, or the hot water tank is coming to the end of its life, you should always disclose. This information will come up eventually, so it’s best to be transparent and not shock the new buyer.

If you have any questions about the market or you’re looking to buy/sell your home please give us a call at 250-914-1122.

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