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Doug Folkins

This week on Vancouver Island Vision, we are speaking with a local singer-song writer, Doug Folkins. Doug has recently had a new CD come out with 6 songs on it. This will mark Folkins 9th Cd since 1999 and his 2nd full country CD with songs released to radio. You can find Doug on all streaming platforms as well as radio. Where Doug started his music in Punk Rock genre, he fell in love with Folk/Maritime style of music. In roughly 2012, Doug took his music full on. He was able to play at the Juno’s and on CBC. He then found himself writing songs in the folk and country scene. He later found himself a publishing deal in Nashville in 2014! Doug can find himself writing 100-150 songs per year, and just this year found himself an achievement with 100 of his songs being recorded by others. Congratulations on your success, Doug. We look forward to hearing many more of your songs here in the future.

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