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COVID 19 Upcoming Changes in BC

This week’s What’s Happening Wednesday focuses on COVID 19 upcoming changes in BC. As of September, rules are changing as things “get back to normal”.

September 1st, 2020 you will see:

  1. renters having to pay their rent back if they have not been paying.

  2. A landlord who has a tenant that has not been paying, will have to enter a re-payment plan

  3. A landlord cannot issue a notice to end tenancy for unpaid rent/utilities unless the tenant defaults on payment plan

  4. Landlords can now issue rent increases. However, issues now or prior to Covid, will not take effect until December 1st, 2020

  5. Eviction ban will be lifted September 1st, 2020

  6. Landlord cannot charge late fees for unpaid rent during emergency period and cannot evict for unpaid rent during the emergency period

  7. A tenant whom owes rent prior to March 18, 2020 can be issues a notice to end tenancy for unpaid rent

Should you have any questions about your rights as a landlord or tenant, please give us a all. You can also view more information at:

Should you have any questions about real estate, please give us a call at 250-914-1122 and view our listings at:

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