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Catching Up With The Our Team! - Pachena Bay Music Festival Wedding Extraveganza!

This past weekend,Jennifer attended the second annual Pachena Bay Music Festival!

The Pachena Bay Campground is a gorgeous, secluded space with long sandy beaches and welcoming ocean waters. It is near the beginning of the West Coast Trail and Bamfield.

The festival is in its second year and is a true west coast experience. There were costume parades, a wide variety of musicians on 3 separate stages, a silent disco, multiple workshops and vendors and over 700 people in attendance.

Everyone came together for a safe and unforgettable experience and she cannot wait for next year!

We also think congratulations are in order! Jenn found out upon arrival that weddings were being hosted on the beach and she couldn't pass up such a perfect opportunity surrounded by many of her loved ones. She and Chris are always being asked when they will get married and doing so in such a spur of the moment way, outdoors on the beach is so appropriate for them! Congratulations Chris and Jenn!

To cap off the wonderful weekend, Jenn and Chris were able to spread a little kindness. On the way home, they found this little dude:

He was in the hot sun, trying to make his way across an even hotter road, and looked like he was losing his steam and becoming dehydrated. Having a background in reptile conservation, Jenn knew exactly what to do, and got him safely back to his prefered habitat in amongst the moist moss and trees.

What a great trip, and even greater experiences! Want to contact us?

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