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Catching Up With Our Team! - Shannon's Concert Adeventure!

Concerts, Good Friends, Good Food, and MORE! Shannon and Brent had an exciting trip to Nevada yesterday! She finds herself on a thrilling adventure away from Campbell River with her #1 sidekick, Brent. They recently attended an unforgettable concert in Laughlin, Nevada, where they had the opportunity to see legendary bands The Outlaws and Lynyrd Skynyrd!

It was a great end to an awesome day spent with friends and everything tasty you could possibly eat! Although, even while on the road, Shannon is dedicated to her work and is busy managing appointments for when she returns to Vancouver Island next week. If you're interested in discussing real estate opportunities or simply want to catch up on all her exciting adventures, don't hesitate to reach out!. She'll be more than happy to connect once she's back on the Island! 📱 Call: 250-204-5796

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