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Catching Up With Our Team! - A Journey Home

Returning home after a long absence is a remarkable experience that fills the heart with anticipation and joy. Shannon and Brent's journey back to The Island was no exception, as they finally arrived home after a stop in the charming town of Moses Lake, Washington.

With 7 months and 28 days behind them, the excitement of reuniting with family and their beloved kitty filled the air, and their travel pals Wilson and Wilm, settle into their new home.

Making a brief stop in Moses Lake, Shannon discovered the beauty and charm of the town, which had been a mere pass-through destination in the past. It's picturesque landscapes and welcoming atmosphere left a lasting impression.

The joy of landing back home on The Island was immeasurable. Equally heartwarming was the sight of their kitty coming out to greet them, and spending some long overdue time with family and those who matter most. This reunion filled Shannon's heart with a deep sense of fulfillment, reminding them of the love, warmth, and familiarity that make a place truly feel like home.

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