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Campbell River Art Gallery

This week’s Vancouver Island Vision was at the Campbell River Art Gallery. The gallery has been around in the downtown core since 1994. However, there has been some evolving over the last 3 years, as focus has changed to a more social justice orientation. They have worked to bring a more professional vision into the gallery with larger scale exhibitions for visitors and community members to enjoy.

Currently, Among All These Tundras Expedition is being displayed by creators, Heather Igloliorte, Amy Prouty, and Charissa von Harringa.

You can find all forms of art from video, photography, text installation, poetry, 3D printed materials and so much more.

The artists include 12 indigenous artists from all over the circumpolar world showcasing their nontraditional, very contemporary forms of art.

The Campbell River Art Gallery is fortunate with this exhibition, as it is the only BC venue to receive the display.

The mission of the gallery is to give voice to under-represented artists within contemporary art.

For more information on this exhibition and the Art Gallery itself visit

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