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Buyers Library – Smart Shopping Tips For Buying A Home

On this episode of Buyer’s Library, we will discuss smart shopping tips when purchasing a home;

MLS System: Pick your favourites

Homes: Pick the ones that best suit your needs

FSBO (For Sale By Owner): Can be open to working with realtors.

Sleeve Listings: Listings we know about that are not currently listed.

Database: Your realtor will have access to a database of sellers who may have been trying to sell in past years, but are not currently listed.

Appointments: We make appointments for no more than 5 homes at a time. Because after that the details of each home can begin to run together.

Homes: Pick the ones that best suit your needs We hope you find our videos informative and helpful. Please don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel for our latest Virtual Tours, Vancouver Island Vision and Real Estate Tips and Advice. Want to get ahold of us?

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