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Sandy Beaches of Savary

We do have some pretty incredible beaches around here on the coast, but Savary Island’s might take the cake! Just east of Campbell River towards the mainland brings you past two islands, Hernando and Savary Island. We stopped on Savary to lounge in the sand till the tide came all the way up to our toes! Rooms are available to rent through multiple websites online. Group retreats available to book as well as Airbnb options for the perfect getaway for personal or corporate events!

Head east further and you’ll hit the beautiful little town of Lund. Some say its the start, and others say its the end of the Sunshine Coast Hwy. but no matter which it is, this seaside village with quaint shops will leave you feeling wonderful! Generally having a population of under 300 people, Lund bursts into life in summertime with the tourism season roaring in full bloom. Be sure to visit the Back Restaurant right through the gift shop at the marina for great food and drinks! The poutine is spectacular, take our word for it!

When someone said we live in the Hawaii of the North, they weren’t kidding…

Savary Island

Georgia Strait


Lund Marina

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