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Rental Supplement During Covid19

BC Housing and the Government have brought forward a rental supplement during Covid19. This supplement is meant to help renters who are unable to work their regular hours during the pandemic, and where we are not a property management company at EXP Realty, we can do our best to provide information for our community.

BC Housing and the Government are offering this rental supplement for people in low to moderate income brackets who are unable to work during this time. This supplement is not available for people who qualify for social assistance or are currently on disability. This supplement is also not being offered to people who are already receiving rental subsidies. Both landlord and tenant must apply for this supplement and is automatically sent to the landlord. This is not an automatic $500 credit. This supplement is based on household income, number of people in the home, etc. If you are struggling during this time, we encourage you to speak with your landlord as the Government is encouraging landlord and tenants to come to a suitable agreement.

A popular question floating around is “do I have to pay my rent for April?”. Yes, you are obligated to make your payments. However, we are on an eviction freeze. For more information or to apply for this credit visit

We do still have people buying and selling in the market. We are doing virtual house tours and taking all measures to operate in a safe manner. We are a highly digital company which makes this possible down to listing/selling presentations and contract signing.

This is a great time to spend around the house doing the projects you never have time to complete. Get the renovations done, painting touch ups and get started on the garden! We hope you are all staying safe during this time and better days are coming. If there is anything we can do to help with community or real estate needs, please give us a call at 250-914-1122 and visit our listings at

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