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Milwaukee Twin

This week on Vancouver Island Vision, Shannon visits Wayne at Milwaukee Twin. Wayne has been a certified motorcycle mechanic since roughly 1969. Along with a few others, Wayne was involved in developing the Motorcycle Maintenance Course in Ontario. Wayne has been working on Vancouver Island since 1981 where he began as a service manager in Courtenay. Wayne talks to us on the difference in working on motorcycles in the 1960’s in comparison to today’s technology. In the 2000’s, Wayne acknowledges how being a mechanic was then changed to being a technician, as repair became component replacement rather than digging in with a wrench to fix the repair – so to speak. At Milwaukee Twin, you can find a beautiful show room filled with accessories, clothing and so much more. Where they do not sell motorcycles, they offer a beautiful storage display. If you are looking to tune up your bike, or if you are needing somewhere to store your bike, Milwaukee Twin can offer both! They have a few more storage spaces available, so be sure to gain your spot. To find more details, please visit:

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