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Marin Market Update and More

We know its been a while since we brought you a Marin Market Update on Real Estate information here in Campbell River and throughout Vancouver Island, but we are back!

Below we give you some statistics regarding Real Estate here in Campbell River and throughout Vancouver Island from September 2019. Industry and Marin Marketing Team information is described.

Next, we need your help- friends, family and customers. We’re asking for everyone to pull out your creative thinking and help us name our video series. These are the market update series, and community updates for featuring local business as well as showcasing our beautiful West Coast Island. Individuals with the winning names will receive a prize! Who doesn’t love collective brainstorming!!

We are looking to integrate the following themes in the names, plus something catchy!

  1. Vancouver Island

  2. Marin Marketing

  3. Real Estate

And last, we discuss our annual Halloweiner Bash near the end of October. Check out the entire video for all the information!

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