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Home Seller's Library - Being Under Contract (Having an Accepted Offer)

On this episode of our Seller's Library, we will talk about what it means to be "Under Contract" (aka Having and Aceppted Offer).

✔️ Subject Time. There is a period of time where the buyer will be suject to things like the next point (financing).

✔️ Financing. Even if the buyer is pre-approved, the bank still needs to approve the property they are buying.

✔️ Home Inspection. Even if you take care of your home, as homes age, things may need to be repaired.

✔️ Viewing Legal Documents. There are a few documents the buyer is going to want to see upon the purchase of your home.

✔️ Site Survey. Quite often a buyer will request a site survey, and this can also be something the bank asks for as a condition to financing.

✔️ Appraisal. Financing can also be dependant on the appraisal so you can almost expect an apprasier to come through and look at the home and property.

✔️ Insurance. The buyer cannot get financing or the funds realeased from the bank until the hosue in insured.

✔️Municipal Documents. You may need to view documents at city hall.

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