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First Time Home Buyer Program

Shannon sat down with Colin Campbell – Mortgage Specialist to talk about the new first time home buyers program.

Colin provides us with great information on this first time home buyers’ program, and touches on all the benefits about first time home buying with many tips that most people are not aware of.

How does the program work?

Application process is available online or through Colin

The funding is at a first come, first serve basis that can be held for up to 18 months to shop around the market

Funds are allocated over a 3 year term – If the funding runs out for this year, you will be on list for next years allocation

Money gets paid back once mortage is up

Needs to meet

Income over 120,00 you do not qualify (house hold)

5-10% of your own money needs to come forward to meet funding requirements

And, of course, you must be a first time home buyer

Colin is available on Facebook or phone at 604-889-9889

Shannon also shares some information on what buyers are currently looking for in the market.

Should you have any questions, give us a call at 250-914-1122

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